blog 13

I went to Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City. I do not think i will go to Western Iowa Tech. Its kind of small campus but to small. I kind of want a bigger campus with more people. I learned that there is a kitchen on the 3 level where they live, on every floor there is laundry, and its free. In the basement there is a pool table and ping pong table. It surprised me that our tour girl said that in the security room there is a wall full on TV things and it shows all the cameras. It wast that exciting, it took two hours to get there. We walked around for 25 min, then ate lunch and it was nachos. Then we saw some dorm rooms and left. We did not really get to see anything. But it does seem like a nice collage instead its not that big its not that loud, at least when we were there. I wish we would have done more stuff and seen more we just looked thru windows.


Spring break

This spring break i went to Washington DC. It was fun. It took about 22 hours to get there. We saw a lot of things while we were there. My most favorites is that Holocaust museum and the Washington Monument. The Holocaust museum was interesting, we are learning about it in reading, and I found new things out there. The Washington monument was cool, we got to go to the very top and see the White house, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the Capital. It was up really far. When it was first getting built it had stair. it took 30 years to be built. Its 555 feet tall. The world war II Memorial was interesting. There was a wall full of stars , 1 star means that 100 people died in war.. It has 4,048 thousand gold stars. There was a lot of pretty trees my favorite tree is the cherry blossom trees. We got to go in the Capital, see George Washington’s Mansion, Arlington Cemetery. The Arlington Cemetery was sad seeing all the graves of people who served in the war’s they had to be honored to be buried there. We watched the changing of the guard, it would be hard to be one of those guards. I had fun, it was a trip to remember.  picture how tall is the Washington Monument

week 10

I have written 6 blogs. All the blogs were set by the challanges. I have receved 5 comments total on all my blogs. The most on one blog is 2 i think cause its important its about raising you voice and speaking up. And that its goog to speak up. The blog I enjoyed writing most about was raise your voice i learned some things about it annfd it was intresting. No i did not change my blog theme. No I dont have any widgets.

week 7

Tornadoes, they are all over.  They can be anysize big small.  Every tornado has its own color, sound and shape.  The most powerfull tornados in the world are in the United States.  Most tordados occor at anytime mostly and 3pm-9pm.  Tornadoes have been reported in every state in the US and also in every season.  Most of the world’s destructive tornadoes occur during the the summer in mid-western states of the US. US States most often hit by tornadoes include Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Florida.  The safest place to be during a Tornado is underground, which makes basements and cellars the ideal shelters to get away from Tornadoes.

Tornados are sometimes called twisters.  In the southern hemisphere tornadoes usually rotate in a clockwise direction and in the northern hemisphere tornadoes usually rotate in a counterclockwise direction.  Tornadoes cause an average of 70 fatalities and 1,500 injuries in the U.S. each year.  They may strike quickly, with little or no warning. Tornadoes can accompany tropical storms and hurricanes as they move onto land.  When you hear tornado sierns you should go to save shelter. When i hear them i turn on the news.  Others might turn on the radio or on there phone. Tornado Watch means tornadoes are possible. Remain alert for approaching storms watch the sky.

These is how the weather is in a tornado warning.   Dark, often greenish skyLarge hail. A large, dark, low-lying cloud particularly if rotating. Loud roar, similar to a freight train. Many people are so crazy with tornadoes that they want to see it with their own eyes but none of them have been alive to tell the tale. Tornadoes are formed from the extremely large thunderstorms called super cells.  Tornadoes can be very destructive in nature with their speed ranging from 110mph to 300mph.  Tornadoes can last to about 1-2 hours or 4 hours, in extreme cases, and can be as tall as 75 feet.

week 6

Holt’s blog

His blog said what he liked he said he likes to listen to music and go on facebook. He said he likes to go on some social media apps but didnt name them. I asked what else he does on his free timeHe is 13 lives in the usa. I like how he put a picture of everything me made.


week 5 hamburgers

Popular food here is hamburgers. I like hamburgers a lot. I have them a lot in the summer time. Most people like them my favorite place to get hamburgers is Jmars. Did you know this every cow we eat is from a girl cow, because if the girl cow has a baby and its a boy its a bull. You can have cheese on your hamburger, onions or any topings your like. On mine I like lettice, cheese, ketchup, pickles, and sometimes bacon. You can have your hamburger cooked different ways. There are differnt ways you can eat it, with bread or not or buns matters what you like the best. Some people like to put peanut butter and jelly on theres, it seems kind of good but not really. The best hamburger is with eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon on it its really good. I do not like mcdonalds hamburgers i would just rather get it from somewhere else. For sides i like to have cheesy hashbrowns or green bean casarol with mine.

Week 3- volleyball


photo by-Sangudo

Volleyball is one of my favorit sports. I have been playing since 3 grade. There are different things you can play in volleyball you can be a libero, setter, left and right hitter, or a blocker. When you set you use your finger tips not your palms. You can play inside or outside volleyball. Outside is usually on sand. When you dive for a ball you dont really slide and your knee pads you roll. knee pads are to protect you knees bacause it hurts if you fall and hit your knee. You can not catch the ball or make it fall on the floor. You cant hit it twice in a row. You want to get 3 hits in one game.


Raise your voice

Alot of people get bullied I know a few people that have gotten bullied. They are just scared to speak up to the bully. Some people get bullied at school or online and dont tell there parents or an adult. If you dont say anthing to a adult the bullying gets worse and make you do things to your self. Because some people are to scared to raise there voice and say something. I have never seen someone get bullied ussually its online. If i ever see someone getting bullied Im not sure if I would raise my voice and say something. I would feel like they would say soemthing to me then start bullying me. If your scared to raise your voice to a  bully ask a friend to or and adult. If your getting bullied dont be scared to speak up to the bully. Some people that get bullied end up being a bully themsleves because they put there anger on other people. And it feels good to put anger out on other people after they have been bullied themselves. Some people that get bullied just ignore them or speak up or go home and cry and do bad things to thereselves. People that have been bullied for a few years they might get mad and depressed and might kiss themselves. Bullies bully people over everything maybe cause they dont live in a nice enough house or have no nice clothes or even if they have no friends. Even famous people can get bullied but most stand up and raise there voice. Everyone one is differnt some just say oh this person is being mean to me Ill just be mean back to them. Others get really hurt but bullies. If you ever get bullied speak up to th bully, tell your parent or teacher just dont be scared to raise your voice.

online vs offline

I am different in person them online. I am sometimes mean online but sometimes I’m way nicer online then I am offline. I’m Different online because I;m nice to people. But in person ill tell people if there outfit is ugly like a best friends. Like I’m nicer to my friends offline and online I’m kinda meaner.

about me

My name is Tori but my real name is Victoria, I don’t like it. My favorite sport is volleyball. I like to play xbox. I’m 13 my birthday is march 4, 2002. I like to be outside. I have a dog mazy, shes a miniture English bulldog. On my free time I play volleyball or hang out with my friends. I like Iowa state, I don’t really care about collage football but i like their volleyball team. My favorite NFL team is the Steelers. I don’t really have a favorite type of music.