Spring break

This spring break i went to Washington DC. It was fun. It took about 22 hours to get there. We saw a lot of things while we were there. My most favorites is that Holocaust museum and the Washington Monument. The Holocaust museum was interesting, we are learning about it in reading, and I found new things out there. The Washington monument was cool, we got to go to the very top and see the White house, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the Capital. It was up really far. When it was first getting built it had stair. it took 30 years to be built. Its 555 feet tall. The world war II Memorial was interesting. There was a wall full of stars , 1 star means that 100 people died in war.. It has 4,048 thousand gold stars. There was a lot of pretty trees my favorite tree is the cherry blossom trees. We got to go in the Capital, see George Washington’s Mansion, Arlington Cemetery. The Arlington Cemetery was sad seeing all the graves of people who served in the war’s they had to be honored to be buried there. We watched the changing of the guard, it would be hard to be one of those guards. I had fun, it was a trip to remember.

http://www.kbtours.com/portfolio-view/washington-monument/  picture

https://www.nps.gov/wamo/faqs.htm how tall is the Washington Monument